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St. Anne's High School, Fort, Mumbai

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Anne's Philosophy
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By  MIND  we understand both memory and intelligence. The former may be trained through imbibing textual knowledge imparted in a syllabus. The latter can only be trained by creating situations which draw out the potential of a child to create, think, reason, judge and make decisions. Both must be trained. The training of her memory however  must not blunt her intelligence by crushing her natural for enquiry and research.

By  SPIRIT  we understand the emotional and social aspects of a child we are trained by placing her in situations, inside and outside the classroom, in which her sensitivity and social awareness are awakened and developed.

If we have a troubled world today, it is not that we lack intelligent people, but that we lack sensitive people, who are capable of feeling deeply of others.

Our Programme of Education places itís emphasis on the education of the MIND and SPIRIT of a child in order to enable her to be integrated within herself, live significantly and relevantly with life outside herself, and live harmoniously with others.

The heart of the Education Process is a child- a human person with all her potential for good or evil and education chiefly at the primary stage, must have itís emphasis in training the fundamental and vital aspects to which we refer.

Education is not a system-a structured pattern, an end in itself- but a movement intrinsically bound up with the onward current of life. We must attune our childís heart to listen to the cry of life in her-day; which cry must find not only an echo but a response in her heart.

To make our philosophy workable and effective we emphasize on learning through experience which is the only true learning. Since it enables our young to discover the art of continuous self education. It is Anneís self developed programme of  ĎLearning How to Learní through research, projects activities, exhibition and field trips.

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