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St. Anne's High School, Fort, Mumbai

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Our objective in the field of studies is to develop in our girls strong attitudes of self-reliance and confidence with personal and concentrated study habits; to stimulate them to creative original thinking, that later in life they make their contribution to the good of their neighbourhood, of society and in some measure, ever to the good of the country.

  1. The school discourages private tuitions. These undoubtedly make the students lazy, irresponsible and dependant. Further such students are inattentive during class and are a disturbance to others.

  2. In individual and genuine cases the necessity of a private tuition will be considered and permission must be obtained by the parent or guardian from the Principal, even if the tuition is taken by a tutor who is not a member of staff.

  3. Parents are urged insistently to co-operate with the school by encouraging their girls to diligence and honestly in doing their daily home work.



Prize winners who absent themselves on the day fixed for the prize distribution will  forfeit awards.


No prizes will be awarded to any child found to be using foul means in an examination.


A pupil’s character will be taken into consideration.


To be eligible for a prize a pupil must be present for every Unit Test and examinations, having no failure in any of the subjects.


I.     Intellectual

  1. To qualify for an Excellence Prize, a student must obtain over 75% in each of the following subjects- English, Hindi, Marathi/French, Maths, Science, History and Geography. 

  2. ‘A’ Grade Prize is awarded to students who gain over 65% in each of the above subjects and have no failure in the remaining subjects.

  3. ‘B’ Grade Prize is awarded to students whoi obtain over 55% in each of the above subjects and have no failure in the remaining subjects.

II.                Spiritual

  1.   Religion: all round exemplary pupil in the entire class.

  2.  Value Education: all round exemplary pupil (one per division).

III.             Physical

  1. P.T. – Maximum participation in school sports, inter- school sports and physical training (one per division).

IV.              Aesthetic and Cultural

  1. Excellence in Needle craft (one per division).

  2.  Excellence in Art (one per division).

  3.  Maximum Participation in Social Service (one per division VIII-X only).

V.                 All Round Development

  1.  Grace Poise and Personal Grooming (one per division).

  2.  Annite for others (an all round best pupil i.e. having debating ability, creative writing, leadership qualities, discipline, honest, helpful and respectful).

  3. 100% attendance during the academic year.

  4. 100% attendance of the staff during the academic year.


SERVANNES evolved in July 1982 to give a larger number of senior students an opportunity for leadership.

Offices in the Student Body of Anne’s are not to be sought for status and power, but for service.

The Student Governing Body SERVANNES is a  student devised set-up, purely voluntary and drawn from Stds. VIII, IX, X. it’s objective is service before self. Servannes is divided into as many portfolios as will cover the curricular and extra-curricular schedules. A Group of students (restricted in number and form Stds. VIII, IX, X) with a Leader (from Std. X) handle one portfolio.

In the month of Feb./March, consultative votes for the Office of Leaders are submitted by the students of Std. IX. These votes are balanced with the opinion of the principal and the staff in a special meeting. 

The House System has been retained in order to foster among the students a healthy ambition and a spirit of competition for involvement in studies, sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The Four Houses are distinguished one from another by their respective names, colours and ideals.


Mathew        Feast        21st Sept.        Red            Fidelity

Luke            Feast        18th Oct.         Yellow         Zeal

John            Feast        27th Dec.         Green          Love

Mark            Feast        25th April.        Blue            Prayer


Each House has a Leader, who is also a member of Servannes.

Regular meetings of the Portfolios are conducted by a staff in-charge. Uninvolved members in the portfolio may be asked to discontinue.

To avoid the danger of students becoming too House conscious and developing an unhealthy competitive spirit, a Prime Leader is named by and from the members of SERVANNES. It is the duty of the Prime Leader to supervise the working of every House so that she ensures as far as possible that every girl, no matter to what House she belongs, strives towards the same goals – namely:

discipline….that is directed by personal conviction and decision.

a good school spirit….that is honestly manifested at all times.

academic efficiency….which is the result of a love learning and which embraces the discipline of study.

involvement….in all the school programmes and projects as a mark of appreciation and gratitude to Anne’s.

relationship….that is one of genuine concern, caring and sharing with each other with great sensitivity for the feeling of others in order to build up closely knit school family. 



SENTINELS: responsible for discipline and good order among the students.
REUTERS: responsible for the school magazine - ANNTERPRISE.
ERUDITES: responsible for Special Assemblies, Debates  and Elocution Programmes.
SERVERS: responsible for any service to the school and to various projects for the underprivileged.
SPOTLIGHTS: responsible for all the stage Programmes.
SPEEDERS: responsible for every Games Programme and  contest whether School or Inter-School.
FUNCTIONARIES: responsible for decor assistance in every School function.


School Council Meetings

The meetings are presided over by the Principal or the Prime Leader. Leaders share the problems they encounter in the execution of their duties; plan the organization of their extra-curricular activities; evaluate each activity for which they are responsible and arrive at solutions for the next programme.

The duty of each Leader is to spread good spirit, enthusiasm for work, devotion to duty and co-operation in the members of the House.  

The House Member:

Though the duties of a Leader are manifold and much depends on her for the proper running of the school, the ordinary House Member has in no way a less important par to play. True, the burden of responsibility does not fall so heavily on her shoulders, yet, if she fails in her duty, she impedes not only her own progress, but also that of her House and perhaps even that of her School.

Every girl in the school must never lose sight of the fact that her efforts to promote the welfare of her House should not prevent her from pulling together with the girls of other Houses, towards keeping Anne’s banner flying high.

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