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St. Anne's High School, Fort, Mumbai

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The Academic year is divided into TWO TERMS.


A TERMINAL EXAMINATION closes the First Term and is held in October. A FINAL EXAMINATION closes the Second Term and is held in April. Each Term has a Mid-Term Test called a UNIT TEST.


If a pupil for any reason, is absent from either Examinations or either Unit Tests or even from one Subject Paper, she is not re-examined. She forfeits the marks of the Examination or Test or Subject Paper for which she was absent. 


 Each pupil has a Cumulative Report Book, into which are entered the results of the Examinations and the Unit Tests. One Report Book covers Stds. V, VI and VII cumulatively. The other Report Book covers Stds. VIII, IX and X cumulatively. The results of each Unit Tests and Examination are signed by the parents in the Cumulative Report Book.


Terminal and Final Examinations held for the pupils of Stds. V-X will have both Objective and Essay type evaluation. 


Wilful breach of any of the regulations for the order of the examination is punishable with the expulsion from the Examination room; if the breach is  subsequently discovered the paper will not  be assessed. On Examination days no girl may bring a text or exercise book or any other information into the classroom.


The results of the Examination are final and will not be reconsidered.



Promotion of students from one standard to another will be decided on the basis of:

  1. The performance of the students in the Terminal and the Final Examination, Unit Tests, homework and practical.

  2. The student’s conduct and application to work all through the year.

To be eligible for promotion a student must secure at least 35% marks in each of the six compulsory subjects of the 10+2 pattern after an average has been taken of the:

  Terminal Examination (October)                             A. Exam

  Final Examination (April)                                       B. Exam

  2 Unit tests – Orals – Journals                                 C. Exam

A student must pass in those subjects taken at the school level for eligibility for the  S.S.C Examination (P.T., Awareness/Social Service and Craft).

Promotions once refused will not be reconsidered.


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