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St. Anne's High School, Fort, Mumbai

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Anne's Creed
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We teachers sincerely wish to reflect in our teaching all the ideals in which we believe, all the time. But  we are grateful to God that we have the grace and courage to live up to some of them - at least some of the time. 

We believe in persons above all else Ė Projects, Programmes, Plans and Pursuits.

We believe in the Creative and Redemptive dimension of our Mission of Education. It is a vocation.

We believe that in the classroom we are shaping the eternal destiny of a child.

We believe that on Godís part there is nothing accidental in the presence of each student who enters our classrooms.

We believe that without daily prayer for patience, strength and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we cannot hope to fill our calling.

We believe that we must love the youth and believe in the inherent goodness and sincerity of youth.

We believe that we should be guilty of a grave injustice if we were to discriminate against a student because of colour, creed, intelligence, potential or personality

We believe that all students are entitled to respect and reverence for their personal lives into which we may never intrude without grave reason.

We believe that all favoritism in the classroom must not be tolerated or condoned.

We that justice to ourselves as teachers and to our students, demands that we make a thorough preparation for every class.

We believe that tangible proofs of gratitude from students should not be expected. A teacherís reward is in loving, giving and serving.

We believe that firmness and kindness are most effective weapons and that no fault on the part of the student is beyond the forgiveness of the teacher.

We believe that loyalty to our school, to our students and to our fellow teachers is among our highest credentials.

We believe that of all teachers, God will ask an account for each of the children entrusted to them.

We believe that our students shall pass through our classrooms once. If there is anything that we can do to help them live full lives, let us not delay it nor neglect it, for they shall not pass through our classrooms again.

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