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St. Anne's High School, Fort, Mumbai

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  1. The girls shall always greet their teachers, elders and friends in a pleasant and low tone of voice. 

  2. We expect our students to recognize and greet their teachers when they meet them outside the school. Surely this is a mark of appreciation and gratitude which are the traits of a cultured person. 

  3. They should strive to cultivate a good posture when they sit, stand or walk. Posture says much about our character and personality. 

  4. They shall avoid anything unseemingly in their manner towards one another, trying always to be cheerful, forgiving and loving. 

  5. They shall be polite in speaking to one another, avoiding the use of slang, loud talk and common expressions, that will not befit of a young woman. 

  6. Their motto – lift up your hearts – should prompt them to live in joy and confidence in God and with simplicity and harmony to live as one great family under Him. 

  7. They shall love to be obedient to their parents and teacher and give them always the respect and affection that is due and accept their guidance and correction with gratitude.

In a word…

It is the “Family Spirit” that is the spirit of a Jesus and Mary School…. girls should strive to cherish and preserve the spirit of Love and Happy Living.

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