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St. Anne's High School, Fort, Mumbai

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School Cleanliness
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  1. Every girl must consider it her responsibility to keep the school clean and happy for everyone.

  2. The disposal of wastes has been facilitated with itís segregation into wet and dry garbage. The wet garbage including fruit peels, fruit seeds, left over remains of food or food droppings is to be put in the dustbin for wet garbage. The dry garbage including sweet wrappers, paper plates, plastic spoons, waste paper, etc. in the dustbin for dry garbage.

  3. Eating of chewing gum in the school building and premises is strictly forbidden. Pupils will be fined for disobedience in this manner.

  4. After dry lunch has been eaten, the place should be left clean. Table mats must be used. Lunch containers must not be washed in the school basins.

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