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St. Anne's High School, Fort, Mumbai

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Anne's Charter
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Every crime began with a small infidelity to God’s law therefore we observe-

HONESTY with God, with your neighbour, with yourself. Cheating and lying in School leads to corruption in business and life. Let me honestly admit, the wrong I may fall into and strive to do the right.

 “Walk before God in truth and you will fear no one.”

PURITY never tolerates day dreaming, dirty conversation, jokes, songs, books and films. These lead to broken homes and misery.

 "Blessed are the pure of heart. They shall see God.”

LOVE respects every human being as an individual; sees in her a child of God and sees her through God’s eye. Anger, envy and quarrels lead hatred of others and war.

 “What you do to the least of God’s children you do to God.” 

SELFLESSNESS lies in putting ourselves in the place of others and feeling with them. Selfishness leads to envy, greed and bribery.

 “Happiness comes from giving it to others.

God made us for Himself and we are happy only when live in God.

He leads me by His whisper in my heart,

I listen – I follow.


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