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St. Anne's High School, Fort, Mumbai

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Anne's Aspirations
Anne's Charter Anne's Philosophy Anne's Creed Anne's Aspirations






            To inspire our girls to be WOMEN.


Women, with a strong faith in God, themselves and others.


Women of intellectual integrity, self discipline and hard work.


Self-reliant, selfless women, fearless and forceful with a strong sense of family, social and national responsibility.


Women with our unique Indian simplicity and purity of heart and purpose.


Women, who will transform their society not fit into it.

Through our work of Education, we aspire to infuse into our girls vast reserves of power that will enable them to:  

love and serve

believe and pray

suffer, endure, put up and abide

discern the good and the lasting from the temporal

and the titillating.

dispense rather than grab

be poised and elegant, not snobbish and showy,

learn that enough is necessary and what is

necessary is enough .

that happiness is the goal and the reward .

And that love is the way.  


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