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St. Anne's High School, Fort, Mumbai

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  1. Leave of absence is granted on a previous written application from parents or guardians, but only for serious reasons. The note must be written on a letter head paper and in an envelope.

  2. As a rule not more than one dayís leave of absence is granted for any occasion in the family, if this takes place in Mumbai. Leave to go out of mumbai for more than three days will, as a rule will not be granted. Leave of this nature is never to be presumed. 

  3. The girls enjoy sectional Religious holidays.

  4. For no reason whatsoever will an advance application for extension of vacation be granted. It is compulsory for all students to be present on the first day after each vacation (June, November and January).

  5. Appointments with doctors, dentists, etc. must not be pre-arranged for during school hours.

  6. In the case of unforeseen absence, a reason must be offered in the Non-attendance and Leave Record in the School Calendar. This must be signed by the Studentís parent or guardian only.

  7. Parents are to consider it their duty to observe scrupulously the Rules regarding absence and to encourage in their children the discipline required as part of any institution.  


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